Takanashi Miru (小鳥遊みる) is the Main character of "The Sunny and happy day of Takanashi Miru". She is Transfer student of Akamiru Middle school who is a gets popular easily. She is shown to be close to her older brother (Makoto Takanashi) and her friends. The provider of Miru siad that: "Miru-chan is kind of a special character in this anime".


She has a shoulder length Pink hair and purple eyes. She usually seen with a pink twin ties,red and white seifuku uniform, a red mini skirt. She also wear a short white socks and a brown shoes.


Miru,also known as Miruku-pan,Imouto,Miru-chan. She's a happy schoolgirl. She has a weak body and gets strained easily. She's very popular, and guys love her. She's very beautiful. Every girl wants to be her. She's very sweet and kind but too shy to speak up. She loves her friends, but she is too scared to speak up. She's a pretty girl! She's pretty normal and likes hanging around with her friends. She's our average school girl. She likes to talk and is very friendly. She will always welcome you. She's very short and adorable! She loves her friends and is very hyper. She accepts everyone, and everyone loves her. She is a shy,polite,and very Gentle. She might be a Dandere-Kuudere girl,but she has a ton of friends.  Many male students consider her attractive,She is also very Confident. And she really likes Anime and Online games. She might be scared of Meito Kirisame because he scary. Miru's and Meito's Parents were rarely home because of thier Job,so Miru is responsible for all the household Chores.


  • If you think twice about her name,Miru (みる lit. View) and Takanashi (小鳥遊,lit. No hawks) when you write her name "小鳥遊みる/Takanashi Miru" it will translated as: "The View has No Hawks".
  • Her Birthday is in November 27th,2002.
  • Her blood type is AB.
  • Her class is in 7-C
  • She is born on the Saitama prefecture.
  • Her Them song is "Cherry Blossom song". The song is played when the opening song.