Kirisame Meito (霧雨めいと)  is the Main character of "The Sunny and happy day of Takanashi Miru". He is the Cousin and the class mate of Takanashi Miru .


He has a short blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually seen with a white shirt,and a black pants. He also wear a short white socks and a black shoes. His eyes will became Purple when he's mad or being a yandere.


Meito,or also known ass Onii-chan or Meito-kun,is a cool boy. He loves Miru to death so he said that he and Miru will mary if they older. He is very Kind,sweet,and gentle to Miru,but he will became Yandere sometimes. He and Miru's Parents were rarely home because of thier Job.


  • Meito's Family name,Kirisame,was named after Kirisame Marisa form Touhou
  • His Birthday is in February 22nd,2002.
  • His blood type is B.
  • Like his Cousin,He likes anime and Online games.
  • He was born in Kanagawa prefecture.
  • His Theme song is "My One and only one". His The song is played when the ending song.